Welcome to the Lawrence Family History website and gallery. Yes, the title lacks creativity, but it gets the job done. I decided to take a previous small website that I started for my mom, called "The Falcon's Nest", and incorporate it into a general family history site and gallery for the Lawrence and related families (Mom's side - Frach, Lindberg, Reynolds, Sutton, etc; Dad's side - Johns, Doty, Hamsher, Rhoan, etc) so that everything can be found in one place for all researchers. Ancestry.com has a huge library of records for genealogy, but not everything. Some records need to be obtained from different sources, like the BIA or other relatives. These sources do give us quite a bit of information regarding the family, but it is simpler to be able to find as much as possible in one location, and on a more personal level at that. One half of the website is the textual/documents history, and the other half is a gallery of history.

There will be some DNA information posted, with permission from living relatives if it involves them. Otherwise, DNA connections for the living will be discussed off-site, due to privacy issues. If you're related via DNA, through historical records or have any more information by way of documents or any questions, you can contact me on Facebook at this link.

Enjoy! ~Darrell

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