Born- 1910
Location- Bishop, CA
Died- 1974
Location- Reno, NV
Mildred Lawrence
The image used is of Johnnie sitting on his father's lap as a baby. The full image is here. I do not have any other images of Johnnie.

I know virtually nothing about Johnnie. Most of his Indian Census information can be found in his father's entry.

What little I do know of him came from my grandmother, Julia and cousin Maude. Both said that Johnnie, when rather young, left with a relative to Nevada (the girls stayed with Minnie John and family). When he left, I have no idea. Though I do not recall exactly where in Nevada, my cousin Audrey said in her Oral History that it was Fallon, NV. The way she says it, it sounds as if Johnnie didn't leave until his dad had came back to get them. That would have been years later after Annie passed away. She couldn't recall which relative either. I suspect it was either/both George John or/and Jim Watterson (uncles of Johnnie via Annie), but have nothing to prove/disprove that. The reason I say those two is because they are the only relativives known to me to also have lived in Nevada around this time period. This document shows George's way of contact was through Jim - Note the comment above George's name. Granted, this is 1953, but as I said - these two are the only ones I knew of that moved to Nevada.

This 1930 US Census, however, shows Johnnie still in the Bishop area, but by himself at age 20, and as a lodger. Per Audrey's words on when John came back for the girls, that would be 5-6 years after Annie's passing, thus around 1922-23. Did Johnnie leave for Nevada then come back later?

In 1951, the Petition for the sale of Inherited Indian Land was initiated. Johnnie is listed as one of the heirs and he completed the Supplement to Petition for the sale of Inherited Indian Land. Note the addresses of the witnesses - Fallon, NV. In 1953, however, Johnnie's address is Mariposa, CA.

I have nothing else on Johnnie, other than memory of this - He lived in Gabbs, NV until 1974. He was taken to Reno, NV, where he passed away that same year. My grandmother, Julia, also lived in Gabbs at that time. I visited her there that summer, just prior to us going to Palo Alto, CA to visit my Aunt Maxine. While in Gabbs, I met Johnnie's widow, Mildred. I know absolutely nothing about her, other than she had lost her husband (Johnnie) a number of months earlier. Johnnie had passed away on 19 Feb 1974, which also happened to be my brother's birthday. This is one reason I remember that date.

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